Well, Oracle OpenWorld came and went. As usual, I hardly had any time to attend sessions. The one really cool session I attended ( besides my own 🙂 ) was by Tanel Poder talking about troubleshooting Oracle when the Oracle instrumentation does not work. See his blog for details. I really loved his straight forward low level no-nonsense way of analyzing the problems at hand. Besides that, I attended some sessions about Oracle security which were OK but nothing extraordinary.

I also gave my own presentation about the insider threat to organizations. This time, besides showing some ways an insider can break into the database (from nothing to DBA in 5 simple steps) I also presented a customer story of a large Israeli insurance company and how they are trying to solve the threat to the database by creating a few simple rules. I believe that the session was very well received. Thanks to all who attended and participated.

Also, since I am now considered a local (been here for 2 months) I was expected to show all my Israeli friends coming to the conference some nice sites in the neighbourhood. I took them to Napa valley on Saturday to visit some wineries and drink local wines. To tell the truth, it was my first time there as well.

I must say that being in Oracle OpenWorld as a local is very different from flying to San Francisco from Israel. The feeling is different. Instead of going to parties at night and drinking lots of beer I drove home to the family. And, I actually prefer it this way 🙂

See you all next year, it was fun!