Today, I had to download an Oracle 11g installation to a headless Linux server without using a browser. Of course, using wget immediately came to mind but since you need to log-in, just pointing wget to the file does not work and will redirect you to the login page. I did a quick Google search and found the following solutions. But, I’m using Firefox which saves the cookies in a sqlite database that is not compatible with the old Netscape cookies format that wget works with and I had no patience to use Lynx.

A quick search on the Mozilla add-ons page showed me this little gem. To download this little add-on you must register to the site because it is experimental. This add-on adds a new menu item under tools called “Export cookies…” and as the name suggests it allows you to export the cookies including session cookies.

So, the solution was to simply log-in to OTN and then export the cookies to a cookies.txt file. After uploading the file to the server, running wget with –load-cookies did the trick:

wget –load-cookies=cookies.txt

Do you have a simpler way?