As promised, here is a small Python script to allow you to enumerate and find Oracle SIDs.

Of course, the usual caveats apply – if it breaks something, I’m not responsible ūüôā Use at your own risk. I’m using the sidlist.txt file from David’s OAK but there are plenty of available resources with common SID lists.

Update: Alex graciously let me know that he was the one that originally created the SID list and also granted me permission to use his latest version with the script.

Here are some usage details:

slavik@slavik-laptop:~/Oracle/Security/osid-enum$ ./
Usage: [options] error: You must provide the host of the listener
slavik@slavik-laptop:~/Oracle/Security/osid-enum$ ./ -h
Usage: [options]
Try to find the Oracle SID iterating a list of potential SIDs from a file or from stdin
 --version             show program's version number and exit
 -h, --help            show this help message and exit

 Target options: Specify the location of the listener
 -t HOST, --host=HOST                The host running the listener
 -p PORT, --port=PORT                The port of the listener [1521]
 -s SIDLIST, --sidlist=SIDLIST       The filename containing the sids to try [stdin if missing]

 End user details: Specify end user details to send to the listener
 -u USER, --user=USER The user to provide to the listener [SCOTT]
 -a PROGRAM, --program=PROGRAM       The program name to provide to the listner [sqlplus]
 -m MACHINE, --machine=MACHINE       The name of the machine to provide to the listener [localhost]
 General options: General options to control verbose output, etc.
 -q, --quiet                         don't print status messages to stdout [output progress to stdout by default]

slavik@slavik-laptop:~/Oracle/Security/osid-enum$ ./ -t
Receiving service names from stdout
Opening connection to localhost:1521
Trying SERVICE_NAME - test
Trying SID - test
Trying SERVICE_NAME - aaa
Trying SID - aaa
Trying SERVICE_NAME - db11200
Listener supports service db11200
Trying SID - db11200
Listener supports sid db11200

On *nix, you need to press Ctrl-D between names

slavik@slavik-laptop:~/Oracle/Security/osid-enum$ ./ -t
localhost -s sid.txt -q
Listener supports service DB11200
Listener supports sid DB11200

So, that’s it. A very simple utility that does not have any pre-requisites (except Python, of course).

I’d love to hear some feedback…