So, I arrived to Moscone Center a bit late for the first cloud security alliance session. It turns out that there was a huge line to enter and a lot of people were left outside.

Having a free 1.5 hours, I wanted to connect and check emails. I’ve already received my password so I thought it will be a simple matter but alas, I was wrong. It turns out that the conference has instructions to connect using Windows and MacOS but no Linux instructions in sight. Thinking that it is still a simple matter, I tried several combinations of username / password but eventually gave up and approached the connect assistants. It turns out that I was missing a certificate file to authenticate the access point. With the certificate I got, I tried again but without success. I verified that everything is correctly configured and then decided to do the best thing in such situations:

Restart the machine!

As expected, everything connected and started working…

I wonder if this technique also works for cars – if your car stops, turn off the engine, exit the car and lock the doors and then unlock and start the engine. I think I will try it next time I have car problems 🙂