So, we all know that Oracle used to be non-case sensitive when it came to user names and passwords. We also know that since 11g this is not the case and Oracle, by default, is case sensitive.

The one thing I wanted to point out is that even if you are using sec_case_sensitive_logon=false and ignore the case of passwords for backward compatibility, Oracle will still compute the spare4 field (hash) just in case you will turn the parameter to true.

This means that when you choose passwords, you should actually choose a mixed-case password even if it does not matter right now because if an attacker will get access to your hashes, mixing the case will make them harder to break. One has to remember that calculating the hash is much faster than the older algorithm (the password field) so an attacker will probably try the spare4 field first.

How many of you are actually using a mixed case password for Oracle accounts?