After OEMing our products for 6 months, it seems McAfee agrees that we are doing something important and they want a bigger part of it.  Actually, they want all of it.

As a founder, this is an exciting time for me. It’s a mixed feeling of pride, joy and a bit of sadness. Somewhat similar to your baby leaving home for college (I’d imagine, did not experience it yet). We’ve put huge amounts of time and effort into making what we think is a great product that will help a lot of people.  Now we have the opportunity not only to bring database activity monitoring to more people, but to make the product even better.

I’d like to thank the wonderful Sentrigo employees who made this a reality due to their hard work and dedication. We will continue and build bigger, better solutions for database security!

On a personal note, at least my commute will not change. I can see the McAfee building from my office window just across 101 🙂