Anybody using Oracle databases, and anyone who is concerned about vulnerability assessment should be familiar with Repscan – the best scanner for Oracle databases, developed by Alexander Kornbrust’s Red-Database-Security.

The scanner, built upon Alex’s extensive experience in doing thousands of pen tests and database reviews, has some very unique features and tests. At Sentrigo, I always considered Repscan as extremely useful, flexible and easy to use and this is why I’m happy to announce that we’ve integrated it with Hedgehog to provide an even stronger database security solution.

One of the unique features that I like is the fact that everything is available from the command line on Linux, Mac and Windows so you can use your favorite scheduling system to run the tests. I know that most users prefer GUI (which is available as well) but I’m a command line type of guy 🙂

You can easily download Repscan from the Sentrigo Website, where you can get the limited trial-version at no-charge. This is a great way to test the waters, and then, move into into the fully-functional product once you’ve tested.

Here are some of the highlights – check it out for yourself, and let me know what you think!

Repscan’s Product Highlights

  • Detects insecure PL/SQL-Code
  • Shows the patch level of all your databases in one-click
  • Finds security problems such as SQL Injections, hardcoded passwords, deprecated functions
  • Detects weak or default passwords
  • More than 115 Oracle tables checked for password information
  • Provides penetration testing reports
  • Detects changed database objects including root kits
  • Detects altered data (including modifications of privilege and user tables)
  • Discovers forensic traces from common security and hacker tools
  • Complements and integrates with Sentrigo’s Hedgehog family of database activity monitoring software