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OK, it looks like this was a test site but nevertheless it makes you wonder.

Leaving web application vulnerable to SQL injection and entire databases out there without protection is a sure way to get yourself hacked. It doesn’t even matter if the site was a test site (I hope it was) but we’ve seen many cases where access to a machine on the company DMZ was followed by getting control of the machine and getting further inside into the company (remember Heartland?).

It’s been a while since my last post, but contrary to rumors I am not dead – just traveling a lot (something I promise to blog about soon).

The UN’s website suffered an SQL injection over the weekend by hackers who defaced the homepage. According to this site the SQL injection exploited a database vulnerability, but I don’t think this was a super-sophisticated vulnerability exploit, but rather a simple SQL injection enabled by non-secure coding practices – this sort of SQL injection should be easily avoidable by binding variables, which apparently the UN techies didn’t do.

Shame. I think the Security Council should convene and unequivocally condemn the hackers. That’ll show them.